Hi, I am the working mother Delia. I have two lovely boys and a sweet family. Lemmy was founded in Germany since 2017. Lemmy product categories focus very much on mama and family's product functions.

Since I had my first boy, I found so much product needs which doesn't exist in the market. The mamas surrounding me also shared the same feeling. One day, I decided I should do something, for all the working mamas like me, to reduce their burden in cleaning, washing and other housework whatever at home or in holiday, to solve their problems in entertaining their family and kids. So, Lemmy started.

All the products, I consider about my own needs, then personally collect German mama's function needs and feedback, put them into product design. Then we make samples and invite volunteer families for testing. After collecting test feedback, we revise our design, then release massive production product into the market.

As a mother, I care about my kids, I care about product quality. I make sure all the products Lemmy sells, I am confident in safety for my own kids to use them. If you see areas that we may do better, please never hesitate to write an email to me at info@lemmy-gmbh.de. We value your feedback and advices to make Lemmy a leading reliable brand for family, mother and children outdoor products.

Delia Lehminger

The mother and founder