Lemmy Silicon Schoescover"Einhorn"-LMY2001EP

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Item no. LMY2001EP

Waterproof silicone shoe covers for children and babies.

  • Water proof deisgn, protect shoes from water, mud, snow and sand.
  • Increased friction for crawling babies and children
  • Reusable.
  • Easy to transport for outdoor family outings.

Safe silicon according to EU standard, RoHS certified.

Package contents: 1 set = 2x shoe covers

To get the correct size, please measure the shoe outline size, not the foot size.

The idea for Lemmy's silicone shoe covers came about like this. Most of Lemmy's team members are working moms. If you are like us and struggle with the following situations:

1. My son went to kindergarten today wearing his new birthday present, a pair of leather shoes from his grandmother. And he returned so dirty that the shoes look like having been rolling around in the mud for 100 years and nobody can see their original colour.

2.My daughter always runs happily into the water in the street on rainy days to create a splash. Her new leather shoes turned rock hard when they dried out. And the new shoes I bought for 60 euros became a showpiece.

3. My kids can't stand a single piece of sand in his shoes while playing in the playground with sand. I have to repeat 1000 times to clean the sand out of his shoes every time I bring him to the playground next to my house.

4. My one year old baby has gone to nursery as I need to start my work. He loves to crawl on the floor, but he refuses to wear rain shoes because they don't make it easy for him to rotate his ankles. So the head of the shoes are always wet from the water stains left on the grass by the rain showers, and his feet freeze when the weather is cold.

5. The fabric shoes covers on the market, do not adhere well to the kid's shoes, and do not have a good grip on the ground, making it difficult for children to run or climb.

If this situations are driving you mad....Hurry up! Place an order on Lemmy Kids Silicone Shoe Covers to solve all your problems once and for all!

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Einhorn LMY2001