Lemmy “Mallorca” multifunction kids sofa (80 cm x 59 x 24 cm) LST502ST

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EASY CHILLING: Off on vacation ... or even on the terrace! With this sofa you bring the vacation feeling home.

VERSATILE: This modern terrace sofa "Mallorca" is as versatile as the island itself! Thought as a children's couch or children's spare bed, it can also be used as a single sofa or in an asymmetrical combination or as a footrest.

DESCRIPTION: This elegant terrace sofa is 80 cm long, 59 cm wide and 24 cm high. You can easily fold it and take it anywhere. It is available in trendy dove and charcoal colors to blend in well with your overall decor.

ELEGANT AND PRACTICAL: The cover is made of olefin, a synthetic fiber made of polypropylene that is water and stain resistant. This allows you to use this sofa outside on the patio or by the pool at any time. The material is very easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth and you're done! During processing, attention was paid to an extra strong seam, so that the cover does not tear quickly.

FINQA: We are dedicated to making your life more comfortable. Whether it is comfortable chill-out zones, garden furniture or practical sets, with FINQA you will bring that vacation feeling right into your home.

Family time!

Spending a wonderful vacation with the whole family in a finca on Mallorca - for many either a great memory or a destination on the bucket list. But it is not the place that counts, but the vacation feeling. Just being together, cuddling, chilling, enjoying the sun. You can do that at home, too, and every day!

As versatile as the island!

Our terrace sofa "Mallorca" (length 80 cm, width 59 cm, height 24 cm) enchants every room into a feel-good paradise - even if you have limited space! It is very comfortable and versatile. It is intended as a child's couch or a child's spare bed, but it can also be used as a single sofa or in an asymmetrical combination or as a footrest. It is very lightweight and foldable so you can quickly set it up or take it with you. This sofa brings the mediterranean flair directly into your home!

Quality and comfort!

The high quality cover made of olefin, a synthetic fiber made of polypropylene, is durable, water and stain resistant. You can wipe it with a damp cloth. Therefore, this sofa is especially suitable for children. Also, the extra strong stitching makes the cover tear-resistant, so that the little rascals can also jump and play on it - because that is also part of the vacation!

At FINQA, our goal is to bring more quality of life to your terrace. That is why we design comfortable and stylish furniture. We love the combination of modern designs and mediterranean flair. At the same time we always pay attention to quality and comfort. If you relax with our furniture and dream of your last vacation, we have achieved our goal!

L80 x D59 xH24cm